With the average value of a home rising over time and estate agency fees ranging from 1 per cent to 3 per cent, an increasing number of people are using other methods of selling their properties.

We've learnt a lot whilst working in property and are happy to pass on this knowledge. Below is a selection of helpful advice and tips on how to sell your house.

Choose the right websites and contact Parker Meller

There are an abundance of different private-sale websites, each catering different services to sell your property with prices varying from nothing to £500. Free sites are unlikely to offer more than a brief advert and one picture. Paid sites may offer more comprehensive adverts and multiple pictures.

Choose your price carefully

We frequently speak to people who have been trying unsuccessfully to sell their property for months and sometimes even years. The trouble they often have is that the value they have put on the property is far too high which is putting off buyers from even viewing it. You should market your property as close to the value that you would accept as possible. Essentially you want to attract as many people as you can, so don’t over-price it. You can always refuse offers that are too low, but receiving no offers would be far worse.

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Remember, the property market is not regulated: there are no set prices for certain types of building. It may sound obvious but your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it so if you attract no interest you need to lower your expectations.

One of the few services estate agents offer that could be useful is a no-obligation valuation. Be careful that they don’t over-price your property to attract you to use them or under value the property so as to ensure a quick sale.

Selling your house

Not everyone is familiar with buying property without an estate agent and therefore people may be wary. Be flexible over when people can view your property and never cancel an appointment.

Ensure your property is tidy, the surfaces are polished and the gardens are clear. People like to see that a house has been maintained therefore it is worth ensuring any little chores that are required have been completed before you let people view. Fix that leaky tap, re-attach that kitchen cabinet door and grout those bathroom tiles!

Highlight why you liked living in your property and be honest with your motivations for wanting to move.

Be careful

Be careful not to offer too many personal details to websites or prospective buyers. You may want to ensure you’re not alone when allowing people to view your property. Make sure you’re confident of any websites you choose to use.


This can be daunting, but needn't be.

Negotiating is a tough skill to master and honesty is probably the best policy. If you’re not happy with the offer say so and justify why you need/expect more. Know the minimum price that you are prepared to accept and do your best to stick to it. Remember however, that turning down offers can be a false economy. For example, if your mortgage payments are £1500 per month then waiting 3 months before selling will cost you £4500!

Do not be rushed

It is always better to say no than yes and then pull out of the sale later on. Take time to decide, you can always go back to someone and accept an offer that you previously rejected... assuming he or she is still interested.

Instructing a solicitor

Once you’ve agreed a price you need to instruct a solicitor and obtain the details of the buyer's solicitor. We recommed Fisher Meredith.


Enjoy having sold your property without paying an estate agency fee. Feels good doesn’t it?