Why use us?

The estate agency business is worth hundreds of millions per year in the UK alone, but can this figure be justified? Are you really getting value for money when selling a property? At Parker Meller we don’t think so.

Historically fees of up to 3% or even more were justified because agents had to undertake expensive press advertising and marketing. However, with the exponential growth of the internet the marketing and subsequent selling of a house has become a very low-cost business, which yields great returns if you’re an estate agent.

We also don’t believe you should have to pay more in estate agency fees to sell your house simply because it’s worth more; after all it’s no more difficult or expensive to market and sell.

Even if you don't share our dislike for agents there are still plenty of reasons to give us a call. You may have had a sale fall through at the last minute which is putting your next purchase at risk; perhaps you are moving to a different area or country and are under a rigid time pressure which is preventing you from waiting around for a buyer; maybe you need to release the equity in your property to pay off debts or to raise funds to start your own business; or you could just be a private person who would prefer not to have sales agents showing dozens of potential buyers around your personal home.

We are happy to pay all legal fees and Home information pack costs to lessen the financial burden often associated with selling a house.

Perhaps you require discretion when selling your house and would prefer not to have your property advertised through an agent.

If you’re in financial difficulty and are looking to sell your house to free up equity to pay off debts but don’t want to move then call us and we’ll discuss purchasing your house and renting it back to you.

Whatever the reason, if you need to sell your property fast we can offer a quick turnaround with no chain.

We can work entirely to your timescale whether it is 7 days or 7 weeks.


So why should you use Parker Meller over an Estate Agency?

Estate agents sales typically mean you’ll only get 80-85% of the initial asking price. Let us explain why:

The real value of selling your house through an estate agent - just over 18.5% below your initial asking price.


Estate Agents sales can often take up to 7 months or even more and are rarely completed in less than 3 months.

Estate Agent sales often fall through for many reasons but mainly due to the buyer dropping out of the sale.

Many estate agents won’t deal with properties undergoing repossession, we will.

Advice – we offer huge amounts of advice and even if you choose not to use Parker Meller we’re still here for advice and support

You choose when to complete and move out not the buyer.