The Company

What we do

Established in 2006, Parker Meller Ltd is dedicated to making it easier for you to sell your property.

We have a passion for property and have grown frustrated at having to purchase properties through unprofessional, poorly regulated estate agents. So we decided to start a business which would allow us to buy and sell property without them.

We save you agency fees, unnecessary mortgage payments and time by proposing a Chainfree offer.

Contact us today and we will happily discuss your individual situation.

We also offer free advice on selling your property and can recommend contacts and companies we use when buying or selling property.


How do we make a profit?

Our profit is made through the capital gains made on rented properties and by redeveloping properties which need upgrading or modernising. In the latter case our margins are made by purchasing goods at trade price and developing properties with contractors we have worked with before and who give us repeat business rates.

Wherever possible and when required we redevelop properties in character with the local surroundings. We take great pride in running a company that appreciates ‘Green issues’ and adds character and value to local neighbourhoods.

Success Stories

Success stories.

Joanna Scale who sold her property to Parker Meller in Dec 06.

success stories 02

"I’m over the moon by the service Parker Meller offered me. They made a sensible offer, offered great advice and a good solicitor.

I have now moved in to my dream flat that was looking unlikely after two offers collapsed.

Great guys; they thoroughly impressed me handling my interests with care and attention.

You should definitely use them if you’re looking to sell your house."