Who are Parker Meller?

PROFILE // James Parker and Felix Meller

We met at university where we shared an interest in property and Rugby. Having both moved to London after university, and with little chance of professional rugby careers, we both successfully invested in property. This inspired us to set up our own business in 2006. Right from the start we tried our hardest to avoid Estate Agents altogether although this was not always possible.

Our early experience of buying our own properties led us to the conclusion that Agents are often only concerned about their own commission and can get in the way of an amicable deal. They pretend to be experts but often know very little about the market and tend to give people bad valuations on property. We have often encountered agents giving quotes above the true value just to convince vendors to market the property with them. We have also seen agents valuing a property well below its true worth and then selling it quickly to one of their investor friends who give them a nice big finder’s fee as a reward.

None of this seemed fair to us so we decided to set up Parker Meller Ltd to allow people to sell property and us to buy it without ever having to use agents!